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Exiting Hell Bar

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About the film

Having failed every treatment available, Crohn's disease left Iain no choice but surgery. But finding remission through an experimental clinical trial restores his hope for the normalcy in life that most have taken for granted.

About C. Hudson Hwang (director)

C. Hudson Hwang is an award winning Taiwanese Canadian director, producer and founder of SUPRE. His directorial work includes Residual Splendour (2023), What Flowers They Bloom (2021), Miracle, Baby (2019), Exiting Hell Bar (2017), My Best Dress (2013), and Vestiaire (2011).

Creatives ↴
C. Hudson Hwang (director)
Matt Sutherland (editor)
Viktor Cahoj (cinematographer)
Alaska B (composer)
Health ↴
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Crohn's Disease

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