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What Flowers They Bloom

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About the film

The COVID-19 was not as not just a viral pandemic, it was an infodemic of disinformation that turned citizen against citizen. Andy, a neighbourhood florist, was a target of racialized scapegoating. We follow his journey to understand the implications of stigma and racism, and seek to better understand the psychology of why some people become ensnared by it.

About C. Hudson Hwang (director)

C. Hudson Hwang is an award winning Taiwanese Canadian director, producer and founder of SUPRE. His directorial work includes Residual Splendour (2023), What Flowers They Bloom (2021), Miracle, Baby (2019), Exiting Hell Bar (2017), My Best Dress (2013), and Vestiaire (2011).

Creatives ↴
C. Hudson Hwang (director)
Viktor Cahoj (cinematographer)
Alaska B (composer)
Health ↴
Mental Health
Infectious Diseases

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