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For Licensing Inquiries, please contact: licensing@suprecontent.com


Licenses for our films can be obtained for 3 broad applications: Medical, Academic and Commercial.


License: Medical

Setting: Hospitals and Clinics

Type: Subscription

Format: streaming / designated portal for in-clinic viewing or patient access from home


Our films are utilized by health care professionals as patient counseling tools to support families at the time of:

  • diagnosis and orientation
  • treatment consideration and choice
  • adherence and compliance
  • progression, escalation or transition
  • life event (pregnancy, age, relapse, surgery, etc)


License: Academic 

Setting: Schools, Colleges, Universities

Type: Subscription

Format: steaming portal for in classroom viewing or student access from home / DVD

Distributor (Canada): McIntyre Media


Our films licensed for the educational sector are accompanied with a teaching guide specific to the learning objectives.

Teachers and general students 

  • disease awareness, education, health positivity, de-stigmatization

Medical and Healthcare professional students:

  • patient case study
  • patient communication training


License Commercial

Setting: Broadcast, Streaming, Theatrical, Conference, Corporate

Type: Contracted

Format: as per specifications


For screening events or festivals, filmmakers and talent may be scheduled for in-person or video conferenced appearances. An honorarium for appearances may apply.


For patient and health advocacy groups, please contact us directly.


All Licenses strictly prohibit the modification of the films.